With Antidetect, you can change all of your browser fingerprinting at the touch of a button.

22 June 2020 07:56 | dibaca 10 kali
Antidetect browser (Ivanovation) is a software innovation with unique methods that change fingerprints in a natural way and remain undetectable to online tracking services. Easily bypass fingerprinting and skip over sms verification from major big data companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.

Advanced technology - Our tool incorporates 12 independent modules that will change the fingerprints of your computer.
Not spoofing - It will not be detected as spoofing because the fingerprint is changed at hardware level and looks natural.
Unlimited configurations - Create unlimited browser configurations. Each new browser will have non-unique Canvas prints, WebGL, fonts, etc.

https://www.nofingerprinting.com - Download Now Because Privacy Matters. Now for a limited time with 10% discount.

Google trackers are present on 82% of the web traffic. 25% of the web has a hidden Facebook tracking pixel. Facebook knows more than what you just do on Facebook. 1881 out of 6000 top websites have more than 10 trackers per page.
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