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01 June 2020 09:58 | dibaca 11 kali
Drought forces dairy farmer cowslaughter milk shortage warning

Newly reported news about a dairy farmer killed in the North Dakota farm-to-table cooking incident was quickly removed from the web, but not before some wondered if its cause could have been a warning sign of a serious problem with milk quality in the state's agricultural heartland.

On Tuesday, the Associated Press cited a former employee of Bock & Co. dairy farm, which produces dairy-based frozen beef products, who said that a milk producer's "goober" cow and he's been "losing milk."

Coffee farmer's death makes Wisconsin 'goober cow' crisis apparent

The Wisconsin Daily Sentinel reported that the farmer, Michael Bock, was an assistant dairy farmer at the time of his death on Monday.

The article said that Bock and other employees noticed a problem with the milks from their farm, and a worker at Bock's farm, a local dairy, called the police to check on the milk-quality. The officer was unable to make contact with the farmer's body until the local county sheriff and the county health department arrived at the scene.

No other information is available on the condition of the two remaining cows at the scene, the newspaper reported.

On Tuesday, an attorney for the farmer's family, Gary Folsom, told the local newspaper that no one saw a sign indicating that the cows had anything wrong when they arrived in the community of Pahrump, just outside of the town of Fond du Lac. The family has not ruled out the possibility that the cows were sick, but say they believe they had "nothing to do with" Bock.

The death came two months after a video, which showed milk pouring out of an open truck, and has been seen more than 100 times on social media, has sparked renewed scrutiny over the quality of North Dakota beef supplied to restaurants nationwide.

The recent milk spill came days after the U.S. Department of Agriculture began testing more than 5 billion gallons of beef for food safety after a batch of ground beef from nearby Bakken field caught fire, killing two people and sparking local protests.

Bock, the Dairy Farmers of North Dakota and the Union County Community College Board of Governors are currently investigating the cause and cleanup, and are encouraging people to contact the local health department at 906-738-3050, and go to a food safety office to check the meat that their neighbors buy from them.
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Rural reporter cooking scones like grandma.

It's worth the wait, though, because these homemade scones are so yummy. You can always find some real vanilla extract here in the store, too.

There you go. For the lazy, this dish will also help with any allergy issues.
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